Score! All my years of sega bass challenge will pay off. now if only I could interface my dreamcast fishing controller my life would be pretty hot shizzle.


screw this I'm going awol

we must get some vegetables


if you forget and/or are mugged for peas, txt me

if i forget and i'm mugged for peas there could be problems

you may have to pacify them with other legumes


or fu

or or

I'm bingo on milk

request backup

tea needed

negative, teaplane still refueling

bloody commanders

mutiny vote canceled 1 yes, 100 needed

just green tea

oh, so that didn't involve boiling the kettle I presume?

it was a selfish tea mission

damn you're cold

not exactly

these streets are dangerous

you can't afford to look out for others

Or a bomb scare. I've not yet decided.

that could work, but you have to get through to the right department to deliver said bomb threat. could mean a lot of hold music

Perhaps it's best I just stick to what I'm good at - hate crime.

i think that would get me kicked out of the bcs for ethics

i violation of your Knutian oath

counting in roman numerals now?

ii wearing my birthday suit to the agm